Aquaculture is the farming of fish and shellfish.  The Top of the South is renowned for farmed salmon, and green lipped mussels, together comprising around 65% of New Zealand’s total production.

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The Marlborough district is a key area for aquaculture with farms located in the Sounds and same smaller farms also located in the Golden Bay area. The nearest town centres include Havelock, Picton, Blenheim and Takaka. You’ll find entry level farmhand roles through to administration and management roles and the work is year-round.

The Nelson/Tasman is home to much of the management and processing of aquaculture including science, research, technology, and product development, as well as a significant amount of aquaculture-related vocational education and training.

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Farm Hand & Harvest

Work on the farms happens year-round and includes feeding and caring for the fish/mussels, cleaning and maintaining equipment and record keeping. Mussels are harvested from longlines, sorted, and bagged before going to processing facilities. Salmon are harvested from the net-pens and transported on ice to processing facilities in specialised tankers.

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