Vegetable Growing

The sunshine hours and temperate climate of the Top of the South make our region an ideal vegetable growing location. In hothouses you’ll find produce like tomatoes and capsicums and outdoor crops include sweetcorn, pumpkin, garlic, broccoli and salad crops.


Work is available in a variety of roles in glasshouse, packhouse, outdoor harvesting and planting.

In Nelson / Tasman, key employers are based in Appleby and Waimea, close to Richmond. Some opportunities are also available in Marlborough and on the West Coast.

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Harvest and Plant Maintenance

With a variety of Summer and Winter vegetables grown in our region, there is work to be done almost year-round. Planting is a continuous cycle with Spring being the busiest time for this work.

In October the harvest starts to get busy as summer produce like garlic, tomatoes and capsicums are ready to pick. The work may involve picking in glasshouses, or outdoors, or packhouse work. Winter is quieter but there is still produce to harvest and plant maintenance to keep on top of.

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