Wine has become one of New Zealand’s most important export goods, contributing $1.95 billion to the national economy in 2022. Sauvignon Blanc is very popular and has helped establish New Zealand’s international reputation for producing premium wines.


Marlborough is one of New Zealand’s best-known wine regions and has around two thirds of the country’s vines and over 150 wine producers. Nelson/Tasman is a smaller wine growing region, but still offers opportunities. There are a range of jobs in winemaking, like cellar hand and laboratory technician roles and also in the vineyard – see Viticulture - Vines for more information.

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Vintage is the process of making the wine after the grapes have been harvested. Grapes are picked by hand or by machine (see Viticulture – Vines) and stems and leaves removed.  The grapes are pressed and the juice stored in barrels or vats to ferment before being bottled. The timing of harvest can vary depending on seasonal factors.

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